*******Challenge # 255 - Mountains - RESULTS ********

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*******Challenge # 255 - Mountains - RESULTS ********

Sorry for the couple day delay everyone, I stupidly thought it ended today for no reason at all lol.

There were some truly great entries with this contest and it is super hard to narrow down. First I am going to list a couple that I thought were neat but not necessarily best fit for the contest or just not as good as the top 3 but felt they needed mentioning

Herbymel - Brooks Range Bystanders - Exhibition

I know its just an exhibition shot but i just gotta say these guys are much braver than I am. Also i think my wife would never forgive me if she ever saw a pic of me anywhere near these bears Great shot though, I just loved the scene altogether.

CGS11 - Antarctica Mountains

I do love this shot and it was a close one to not be included into the top 3. I have always wanted to go to Antarctica and this just fuels the fire for me.

And now onto my top 3 beginning with number 3.

3. bathgate - Mountain Cabin

I love this shot. It just has a classic feel to me. The cabin to my mind only accentuates the scale of the mountains. Even though the cabin is in the foreground I feel the mountains is the true centerpiece of the image. Well done.

2. Old Greenlander - Montes Apennines - a bit on the Moon

I love this and was such a hard decision between it and 1st place. I went back a forth a lot on this. I love the take on mountains and have always loved astronomy. What a great idea to use the mountains from our moon in this challenge. The detail you were able to get is quite breathtaking.

1. Rico Schiekel - Matterhorn

I fell in love with this image as soon as it was up. It is the quintessential mountain image. So many memories, such an iconic mountain. The isolation of the peak itself is what really kind of blew me away. Not sure where you had to be to take this shot but I love it. Great work and the torch is now passed onto you for the next challenge!

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