Sony 24-105 g versus Sigma 24-105

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Black Corners & Distortion

All these 4/5x zooms have distortion but Sony's is part of the lens design. Love it or hate it, digital lens correction is part of the design. Yes, you can turn it off but that's like taking a glass element out of a lens and trying to seriously review its performance.

At its widest, the lens is optically closer to 22mm and corrected to 24mm the dark corners disappear. That's why there's disagreement from reviewers. Not some vast conspiracy or (undisclosed) bias. From what I've seen it seems like the best 24-105, handily beating the Canon and Sigma—on a Sony body. Stopped down the Canon comes close but it has other issues like CA, higher distortion (the Sony's auto corrected), and vignetting.

There is such a pent up demand for this lens I suspect Sony will sell a lot at this price point and then we'll start to see it come down. Sure, if you need a 24-105 right NOW it doesn't have the same value but over time that will change as there are sales and more used copies on the market.

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