a BSI sensor riddle

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Re: a BSI sensor riddle

Bernard Delley wrote:

I would have thought that the technical challenge of back illumination was taken for the benefits of improved light gathering. So I would expect a higher quantum efficiency for a BSI sensor.

For very similar pixel sizes, Bill Claffs DXO derived sensor characteristics shows

Nikon D500 (standard sensor chip) QE = 60%

Nikon D850 (back illuminated sensor) QE = 44%

That lower QE is counterintuitive by my expectations see above. So what is wrong ?

Covered in this excellent thread: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/60222399

And, FWIW, my values are a bit closer D500 at 57% and D850 at 49%

QE is hard to measure without a sophisticated setup (that I don't have).

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