A7riii and ACR default settings vs jpeg color

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Re: A7riii and ACR default settings vs jpeg color

Iliah Borg wrote:

pippo27 wrote:


You can install a trial version of basICColor Input 5, it is fully functional for 14 days, pull a raw of DPR Studio Scene, and make a very decent DCP yourself. It will be different from SONY in rendering, but it will be pretty colour-accurate.

an alternative is to use dcamprof, which is free and open source.

Yes, but it is command line, while basICColor Input is very user-friendly. Free doesn't matter for the task at hand.

GUI for DCamProf = http://www.lumariver.com/#LumariverPD is way cheaper still than even DCP only version of Input and it is always better to support the dude who __also__ offers something for free... $0.02

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