a BSI sensor riddle

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Re: English for non-native folks

Rexgig0 wrote:

I believe the sensor is located inside the camera body, not inside the lens. (This is posted the Lens Talk section of the forum.)

Thanks for helping to improve my English!

I tried to find an attractive title for my question, which I hope may be answered on this forum. The Nikon engineers certainly know a good answer, but most probably will bit tell us.

In trying to find the right equivalent for German "Rätsel"







come to mind. The first three seemed too heavy, mysterious. I do not think it should be called a problem. Puzzle makes me think jigsaw.  And riddle may generate answers like yours, German 'Scherzfrage'.

So I definiety blundered with the Forum, till now I was convinced I hat the Photographic Science Forum.  I will repost there.

Anybody continue here only for the language discussion if interested.

This thread should be ignored for my real question. Unfortunately I cannot delete the thread.

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