Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

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Re: Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

GX85 once you learn to use it in the various situations will be just fine.

I shoot my kids basketball games (primarily video on the 12-32 kit and the 35-100 f4). If the light is really bad, and these days that's rarely the case, I use my PL 15 f1.7. If I can only bring 2 lenses its the 15 and the 35-100 f4 because I can cover most situations with these two.

Here are some thoughts on getting the shots:

  • Practice. The GX85 has so many features you can make it perform in just about any situation.
  • Use the ETC functions to pull yourself closer to the action using primes, my 15 mm becomes a 30mm by reducing resolution, BUT NOT quality.  This has saved me many times when I was placed further away beyond my control (You are limited to JPEGS, but the JPEGS are easy to edit).
  • Use Auto ISO.  I set my focal length and shutter speed for the situation, and then limit the iso to 6400.  If there is a lot of motion I set the shutter at 1/125 aperture at f1.7 and let the iso handle the rest.  I get some dark photos, but find that I can do a lot with shadows using the OOC Jpegs.  
  • The flip up down screen is invaluable for getting shots without climbing or laying on the floor.  I actually find this layout makes the camera EASIER to handle than a fully articulating screen.
  • Built in flash.  Used sparingly, but it is always there if needed, and if the room is small like a wrestling room, you can use bounce flash.

It has taken me about a season to be able to get the shots I want with the camera in any situation. This includes filming a lacrosse game under an umbrelaa in the rain with the 35-100 f4, I was able to do this because I can perform 95% of the operations with one hand.
I can go on, but this gx85 is the best camera I have ever owned for capturing my families life.  There are better video cameras, better photo cameras, but they are larger, have limitations (gx85 has unlimited 4k!!! which is why its heavy), don't do wireless, can't change lenses, no viewfinder, etc...  I have never said I wish I had another camera.

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