Hoping For Help Choosing A Tripod For G85 - Video & Photos

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Hoping For Help Choosing A Tripod For G85 - Video & Photos

Hey Folks,

I’ve been scouring through any thread I can find here regarding tripods as well as Google and YouTube but I still can’t determine which tripod I should get and I’m hoping you can help me decide.

I’m a relative newbie to video/photography (even though I’m 52 and have done a little of both) so I’m not sure where this new adventure might take me. If it’s like anything else I undertake (brewing beer, guitar, recording studio, hunting, etc.) I’ll be all in before you know it.

That being said, I can only use what I know are my current needs and what I am planning to do for the near future as my guide for helping me decide which tripod would suffice. With that in mind, I am not currently anticipating having several tripods and I’m hoping to make just one work for at least a year or two.

Even though I plan on taking full advantage of the G85’s image stabilization, I still need a tripod for when I’m taking video/pics of myself or recording for extended periods (live performances), etc.

I want to be able to have smooth pan & tilt and I want it to be easy to use. Some reviews I’ve read of some fluid heads describe difficulty in locking it, etc.

I would like a tripod that can handle the G85 plus accessories that I can see myself wanting soon such as a mic preamp, a camera cage, perhaps a monitor, a shotgun mic (I have a Rode Video micro)

I purchased the G85 user guide tutorial from Caleb Pike (DSLR Video Shooter) and he suggested an inexpensive tripod that he had been using for a long time – Magnus VT-300.

He also recommended some Arca Swiss Clamp & Plate to help make it easier to access the battery on the G85.

I also saw one of his video reviews titled “4 Years Later Review of My Favorite Tripod” – which was a Davis and Sanford “Grounder” Tripod. I would like the ability to get low to the ground, like that tripod offers.

A local camera shop suggested the Benro Aero 2 but I’m not sure if the weight rating is enough. But what do I know anyway?!

Caleb also recommended the Benro S8 but that is much more than I want to spend right now. I do have some lighting but I am planning to make some lighting purchases.

I will be using the setup for:


Video myself – guitar instructional videos

Video me and my students during lessons

Creating music videos to support my music

Video/Photo of potential future band performing

Video grandkids band concerts

Photos of myself

Video/Photos of a bunch of other things – Nature, places, etc.

So, any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

I really hope I can find something that is ~$200 that would suffice without me having regrets that I didn’t get something better for at least a year or two.

Also, should I look for used?

Thanks everyone.

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