Many reported issues with updating A7RIII firmware, so be aware

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Many reported issues with updating A7RIII firmware, so be aware

I wrote my story on the Facebook A7RIII page and afterwards there was several reports that it had happened to a lot of other people, exactly the same way. So be aware that things can go wrong on your first try and your camera will appear dead and bricked.

Here is what i wrote on the facebook page :

Firmware update issues on Sony A7RIII?

"I have never been so frightened in my life. I just updated the firmware(Win 10 64 bit) and for the first time in my 6 year sony history it went wrong. "The update could not be completed, please remove bla bla...."
And afterwards the camera was dead, only a red light beside the C4 button was glowing.
I tried everything for about 15 minutes. taking of the lens, (memory cards was already out before the update) battery in and out. I even tried to connectagain via usb and run the update without sucess, all dead cept for the light when i plugged in usb og inserted the battery.
Then i turned off the camera and took out the battery, connected to USB and ran the update program again and the green progress bar slowly began to move. I just sat there for the 4 minutes it went on with a pulse of 200 staring at the green bar. Voila! Version 1.01.
It felt like a miracle. Camera was off and no battery when i ran the second update.  I have done this like 20 times before and never had a fail"
Maybe this will not happen to you but with so many reports i think there is a problem with the updater.  

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