***Mini-Challenge #485*** Animals part-2??

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***Mini-Challenge #485*** Animals part-2??

I'm not sure if its on time, (Tuesday, December 12th at 6pm PST.) but i waited as long as possible to see the part-2 coming , so created one myself (not sure if thats alowed) and her is my contribution.

First of all, i wanna try to get some attention to wild "preadators" who are saved from institutes who wanna make money out of them. Nothing wrong with making money as long as the animals are kept in GOOD condition but with larger/ more expensive animals to support, that mostly goes down rapidly.

There is a institute "stichting leeuw) who takes care of such animals, and espacially for lions and tigers. They even "developed"a system to let lions and tigers on regular base "hunt" for there little snacks , all controled by a joystick, because those animals are smarter than you think and normaly sit down at the end off the bus-stop-line and wait for the snack to arrive. NOT in this case, its the joystick operator agains the lion/tiger quickness and when youre there, you see what i mean, FAST moves, quick u-turns in a area not to well lighted and with "blinds" on the audience windows to not let the Lions/tigers get used to humans (not completely possible, but as-good-as-it-gets.

So, because of those blinds (look at upper part of one picture and you can vagely see some legs..) you have to "look trough" a window covered with a kind of paint-bullet-holes , or in other words, wanna make high IQ shots?? GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

But even outside those lion/tiger gates its the same. Animals are in a gace comparable all over the word, but 1 meter in FRONT off that cage, there is another cage, covered with plants, and some small peepholes. Visitors have to wait there turns to get a chance to look at them. Taking pictures? posible but 96% chance you will find a thick bar right over the nose, or eyes, or mouth and you cant step aside to get rid of it. You just heve to be very lucky.

OK, time for first exibit (because of low IQ not a entry, but maybe wrong choice..)

Look at the fake "jungle" windows you have to shoot through.. and the "snack" she wants..


look at the concentration.. and she still knows when to jump on the "mountain" to get a chance

exibit-3 and last exibit:

Now my first entry

ENTRY-1 called: not interested


ENTRY-3 called SUN spot





  • Shelter, rehabilitate and care for feline predators in need.
  • Conduct behavioural research to continually improve the comfort of the animals.
  • Educate visitors on the animals, to teach them how they can help the feline predators.
  • Participate in breeding programmes to contribute to the survival of the species in the wild.
  • Relocate feline predators to their natural habitats.
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