Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

Started Dec 11, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Re: Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

What a great thread! A good question with people offering relevant, helpful and supportive advice to each other. What a shame it is rare on DPR.

Anyway for myself I don't have much experience with sports but I do shoot events indoors and I concur that fast glass is more key here along with waiting and anticipating rather than spray and pray. I go for primes myself especially Olympus 25 and 45 which are so good. I have the GX7 and can get nice results. I have realised that is best to have a noisy image then one that has trace of motion blur so don't be afraid of ISO6400. Turning the image to black and white can make high ISO images look great.

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