Orion with astrotracer miscalibration fix

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Re: Some findings

Polacofede wrote:


Yesterday i tried again.

First i compared the K3II compass against the cell phone, they seemed to display similar alginment. Hence i thought that i could use a piece of the rod and stick it to compensate just the magnetic declination that according to a site was apx -8. However that was not enough, i had to compensate for something around -15. It seems to me that the rod placement needs to change according to the camera orientation, i might be wrong.

If you you put compass near a big lump of iron, it should point towards it, and completely ignore the magnetic pole.

This is why I was I tried to place my car in the direction of the celestial pole.

An important question is: does the O-gps1 compass show the celestial or magnetic pole?

If it's the magnetic, then I have to work out the difference, and have my car in that direction.

.... I just checked the magnetic declination map, and I'm on +24.3 deg!!!

Also about 70deg inclination, I need a taller tripod and a ladder....

I've navigated by compass sailing around Auckland etc, how did I fail to notice this?

Of course i need to do more tests. However i think that a firmware upgrade allowing to enter the compensation manually would be the best as it seems to me that would be fast and more precise.

Yes, considering problems people can have with volcanoes, fences, changing magnetic declination etc, it's only reasonable!

To make things worst i lost my remote shutter so putting the hands near the camera to trigger i have noticed that also affects the compass.

I use the 2s timer, which should be fine.

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