Olympus TG5 and Fuji XE-2 Image comparison

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Re: Olympus TG5 and Fuji XE-2 Image comparison

Bangers and Mash wrote:

OzRay wrote:

I'll bet I could make the Fuji image look crap compared to the TG-5. All I would have to do is use the same methodology, but in reverse.

I wonder if you're right mate. Tell you what though, this TG-5 does a real decent job of it.

I have to say that if you know how to use a camera, just about any camera (even camera phone) will do a decent job nowadays.

What I've achieved with my TG-5 is far better than the comparison given. That example didn't need to be done at ISO 1000 and 1/1000 sec shutter speed, unless you wanted to make the TG-5 look bad.

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