External Camera Power Solutions

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External Camera Power Solutions

Hey all,

I'm doing time-lapse projects and am using a D850 with 3 standard batteries.

In the past for long-period time-lapse shoots, I would swap out the batteries, but this is problematic because a) if the interval between shots is short, you have to swap batteries quickly or risk putting a hiccup in your final video, and b) you could too easily move the camera while swapping batteries.

So I'm thinking of solutions. Any advice on these are appreciated:

  1. I have large Goal Zero battery packs (Yeti 150 and Yeti 400), so I could get the Nikon AC power adaptor and required power connector for about $150.
  2. I could get the grip for this camera plus a couple of the big batteries. I can charge one battery with one of the above mentioned battery packs while the other is in use, so I could get buy with just 2. However, this total solution is expensive at over $1,000. Then there's still the issue of swapping out batteries in the middle of a shoot and jostling the camera.
  3. Other battery pack solutions?

So far, I'm liking #1, but the one drawback is the weight of the battery pack (the Yeti 400 is car battery sized, while the smaller 150 is still marine battery sized).

I am mainly here to ask about solution #3 possibilities that I'm not currently aware of.

Thanks for any feedback!


PS: for future readers that don't yet have the external batteries, here's a link to the Goal Zero power-pack line-up to help you figure total costs with option #1 above. But anything portable with an inverter for AC will do.

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