Love this camera, I mean cameras!

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Love this camera, I mean cameras!

I bought this camera when it came out because it was waterproof and I was taking my old camera kayaking with me and it got a little salt water in it and didn't work as well. So I tried this one. The screen was bigger, the video was much better, and I really liked it.  I actually never went back to the old one.

So when the new version came out and Blacks went out of business, I bought up a few of them on sale. I wasn't impressed. The brand new camera did not meet up to my expectations of the DMC-TS3! I had bought my boss one as well, and she bought a different one later that year because she didn't really like it.

Then I lost the newer one this year and was left with my old one, which is now on 139_Pana, which is what, 39,000 photos? At some point I realized I could probably buy used and get another one of the originals for pretty cheap. I think the original price was somewhere around $400. Well last month I picked up one for $60 and another for $70, so now I have one upstairs, one downstairs and one in my purse. Awesome!

I use them for pretty much everything. They can focus close-up so I even use them if I can't read writing on packaging and forgot my glasses. I just take a picture, then zoom in and voila! I can read it.

I used the camera for underwater shots when I first got it when I was kayaking over shipwrecks and wondered what it would look like from under the water! Absolutely incredible!

It focuses well most of the time, and my SLRs are pretty much gathering dust. I was thinking about buying the new Fuji X-T20, and compared some shots to this point-and-shoot. I thought I'd see really obvious differences, but what I found was that this point-and-shoot is pretty incredible!

So basically I'm looking now to get more into photographing with "bokeh" because that's one thing this camera can't do.

I usually use two modes. The iA (intelligent auto) is great when I just want to take a shot, no flash, and it doesn't matter if it shakes and is out of focus a little. The next one over on the menu that is a red camera I use for the flash. Because the flash sometimes overpowers the picture, I also turn down the exposure compensation to -1 or -1.5. So anytime I want to switch the flash on or off, I just switch those two modes.

The other nice thing about having all the same camera is that I ended up with 2 extra batteries, so I never end up with a dead battery issue.

Comparison with the Fuji X-T20:  on zooming in quite a lot, you can see the difference.


Cropped and resolution reduction

Videos are always in focus, doesn't search like some of the SLRs.

Underwater sunken ship- Cropped and resolution reduction

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 (Lumix DMC-FT3)
12 megapixels • 2.7 screen • 28 – 128 mm (4.6×)
Announced: Jan 25, 2011
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Fujifilm X-T20 Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 (Lumix DMC-FT3)
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