Is my new lens too much for my camera?

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Is my new lens too much for my camera?

So I have a pretty basic Canon EOS Rebel T3. I mostly shoot kiteboarding pictures, so I need fast shooting and some kind of zoom, as I am usually on the beach and not in the water when I take pictures.

I bought a Canon Zoom 75-300 F4-5.6 and I loved it, but it had some limitations for sunset pictures. I had to boost the ISO to the max, which reduces the quality big time. And really, sunset is the best light, and most of the time, I shoot at sunset because I've been kiteboarding all day and I need a rest by then.

I finally got my hand on a Tamron 70-200 F2.8, a cheaper version of my dream lens. I found it used on Ebay, from someone who pretended that he used it 4 times (yeah... right?).

First of all, it came out of the box with a crack in the rim around the lens. ugh... Seller pretends that it wasn't there before shipping and it's FEDEX faults... I have a hard time believing this one, especially that he didn't provide a picture of the actual lens, and it was written "sold as is" (sounds like he knew about it already). Anyway, description didn't say anything about a crack, so I call it... well... Just give it some title yourself, the words I would like to use are banned on this page!

Then I took it out for a spin. With wide aperture, I can't get any sharp pictures. Lowest Iso, fastest shooting, camera on the table, shooting a stationary object, I can't get anything sharp bellow F 8.0. I tried any kind of shooting speed, different apertures, different iso, different Av... I can't figure out how to get sharp pics with a wide aperture. Is my new (used) lens defective? would the crack in the rim be in cause?

Even my Canon 75-300 was doing a better job at widest aperture. I am EXTREMELY disappointed and I spent a lot of money on this lens. I tried to troubleshoot through the internet, but everybody claims that lowest aperture + fastest Shutter = best sports pictures, and you need a wider aperture for lower light shooting. No one talks about my issue, so I am starting to doubt the lens. Or I wonder if my camera simply can't handle that type of lens and I would need a better box (some kind of issue around autofocus communication speed between the lens and the camera? Maybe?) Anyone has an idea?

Is there anything I can do about the cracked rim, other than complaining to Ebay? I'm a bit worried about sea breeze full of salt and sand. If it got in there, it would pretty much ruin it.

Cracked rim.

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