Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

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Re: Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

BarnET wrote:

No, Panasonic C-AF just isn't as good as the competition that uses on sensor phase-detect or regular Dslr's with mid range AF solutions. Example D3400 is crap the D5300 and above is fine in this regard.

But it might be also fair to add that the D5XXX series is crippled by a very small buffer. Five images, as I have read. It is up to consideration what is more important, hit rate or buffer, I think.

My own experience with shooting moving subjects with the GX80/85 is very good.  I get good hit rate in most circumstances. Initial autofocus acquisition is very quick, including interior lighting. The lenses have very AF motors in general. The buffer is very large for this class, burst speed is good, live view is usable. The full coverage with AF points is very nice, the touchscreen helps to quickly choose one. So I think this camera (and its bigger brother G80/85)  is a very solid budget option for shooting moving subjects and I would not suggest to run out and buy something different before gaining experience and making sure the camera is not up to the task at hand.

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