Epson 4000 Pro (error) "SERVICE REQ –0001000C"

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Epson 4000 Pro (error) "SERVICE REQ –0001000C"

I did my annual deep clean which meant taking the printer apart and doing a reverse head flush (which I have successfully done around 10 times now.

On starting up though I got an annual error "SERVICE REQ –0001000C".

I took it apart again checked everything and all is as all should be , I am sure I have missed nothing?

does anyone know what might be causing this?

The machine is an Epson 4000 Pro which I have kept in great condition and always made sure it was tip top.

I noticed the heads were drying out and after a good few cleans there were still areas with blocks so I did a flush & reverse flush on the heads to clear out any stubborn clogs which went smooth as silk.

it was just on reassembly and turning on I got the error?

I know it is related to the Platen Gap, and probably axis detection error? or sensor platen gap error? but how can I fix these especially if I don't know what, or where they are?

Thanks in advance.

Hugh Hill

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