(ultra) wide angle zooms soooo expensive, Why?

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(ultra) wide angle zooms soooo expensive, Why?

Not starting a just pay up or don't  kind of thread but more how many of you non pro's or real die-hard hobbyist are having a UWA? (so the casual shooters so to speak)

Or are you just end up by wanting one but can't afford/justify to buy one?

i was surfing the web for interesting (ultra) wide angle zooms more then the 12mm.

And a few lenses pop up;

Oly 7-14mm f2.8 (1300,-) , Pana 7-14mm f4.0 (900,-) , Pana: 8-18mm f2.8-4.0 (1200,-) , Oly 9-18mm F4.0-5.6 (600,-)

only one is about 600 euro rest is all just under or real above 1000 euro mark.

(The bright ones are killing your relationship with your wallet and thus your wife;-)

So first thought is ok not a choise for just if a want to have some more then 12mm view angle.  it is cheaper to use portrait panorama mode (incamera stitching) in those occasions.

Second though why are those "small" lenses with small zoom factor that expensive? Because of the sferic? (round first lens to pickup that wide angle) lens is very difficult to make that they are that expensive or is it the fact that they are no mainstream lens-choises  and selling rate is low?

Thirt though, not many of them end up in secondhand sale web markets, so they must be used well enough to keep or not often upgraded/renewed to move to the next one.

last thought all "slow"lenses starting at F4.0 not as in the other zooms at F3.5 But the fast ones are f2.8's like other fast zooms. (angle of entrench of the light issue?)

when/why do you want to use a (U)WA?

- inside to catch close range objects in a wider angle , so bright is preferred.

- outside landscape /architecture, sharp detailed and greater DoF so f8/f9? or narrower?

UAW's are having heavy visible "viewpoint distortion" when used for close range shots and i presume also other heavily distortions caused by the lens elements.

Are there alternatives?  Primes? and reframing in PP?

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