DXO Optics Pro 11 stability issues on Win10?

Started Dec 11, 2017 | Discussions thread
IanYorke Senior Member • Posts: 2,920
Re: DXO Optics Pro 11 stability issues on Win10?

Glen Barrington wrote:

I got that last release of the Free version of DXO Optics Pro 11. It installed just fine and appears to run when I click on the shortcut. And it will open my .orf, tif, jpg photos just fine. (From E500, E30, E-M10, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Moto Z2 Play)

However, I find the program tends to crash whenever I try to do any development or editing of these file formats. Has anyone else experienced this?

This isn't a big deal for me, I was just curious about DXO, and I Likely won't go to any great lengths to 'fix' this issue, since I have a regular workflow set up with other software that I like and trust. But I wonder if this is a known issue and if there is a fix for this?

I have run different versions of DXO / DXO-PL under Win 10 since it came out.  No problems.

Might be worth an uninstall / reinstall?


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