Macro Photography? Tough!

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Macro Photography? Tough!

Hey guys , just wanted to share my experience working first time with macro lenses and see what you guys think, I purchased a samyang 100mm macro Fuji compatible lens and a friend of mine let me borrow his Nikon 105 and pn-11 adaptor to make it 1:1 for comparison (had to purchase an adaptor to fit the fuji for this one )

For the test subject, my dog just happened to invite an unwanted guest for dinner , a flea! so what better subject model than a tiny bug (had it measure, about 1mm length, don't know if that plays a part on focus reach)

I am pretty frustrated for the lack of focus , would like to hear your comments

Some notes on the subject :

  • Hand held ? Forget about it! I was having enough trouble getting the right focus on a tripod
  • How do people get those really sharp close up pictures of insects ? Or am I asking too much from a 1mm Flea ?
  • I noticed I can only work within a certain distance , anything closer or further will lose focus of the subject (about 1ft)
  • The Rokinon was amazingly light and that might play a part when I go handheld on the park , in comparison with the Nikon 105 beast !
  • The Nikon 105mm f4 , what an amazing piece of glass ! They don’t make them like this anymore ! I added the sp-11 extension tube to get true 1:1 PLUS the adapter to make it work for the Fuji and on top of that I added 2 Fuji compatible extension tubes (11mm &16mm) , you should have seen it all setup , it was a monster of a lens
  • Both tests where done laying the camera on my table, was not feeling comfortable setting the monster nikon on the tripod
  • I tried using the extension tubes on the samyang 100mm  but to me it did not do too much for it , neither on the Nikon
  • Dont know why here is lack of sharpness on the flea, i even used focus peaking, Probably the lack of light? I was using the flashlight on my iPhone for extra light but I guess I’m pointing it the wrong way
  • I really don’t see myself carrying a tripod through the park along with the camera and lens , anyone has a good technique for hand held they want to share ? Or maybe a monopod will do the job?
  • Maybe I am doing it wrong but I could not by the life of me get any closer to the subject without losing focus on neither lens

subject was placed on a tab that holds sd cards for storage

Nikon 105mm f4 and extension tube , that's as close as i can get

Samyang 100mm with no extension

As you can see the samyang is a little closer and sharper , both photos were taken with a shutter remote

as a bonus i took pictures of coins

nikon 105mm f4, with no extension tube (1:.5) , as close as i can get

samyang 100mm, no extension tube (1:1)so obviously closer

thank you for reading! any comments welcome!

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