What is your opinion of Split-Toning?

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What is your opinion of Split-Toning?

Lately (last few years or so) I've really started playing with Split-Toning in ACR and have really begun to like the "fantasy" qualities it gives photos. Closet thing I can think to compare is the "feeling" you get watching fictional movie or reading a comic book.

Anyway, I was curious what other people think about split-toning. Do you see it as simply another widely-abused PP technique like HDR? Or do you think it's not utilized enough? I included a sample below in reference to what I think of when I think split-toning:

Images from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/megane_wakui/ (random guy I found vi Google images)

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I don't like Split-Toning in photos, I think it's ugly.
12.5% 1  vote
Split-Toning can sometimes give nice results, but I think it's over-used (or "abused")
62.5% 5  votes
Split-toning is great, I think more people should learn how to use it!
25.0% 2  votes
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