G1X III video anecdotes

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G1X III video anecdotes

Couple of mentions regarding my recent experiences with the G1X III's video usage / output:

1. You can combine digital teleconverter with 1080P video, that is I've shot 1.6x and 2.x crops at full 1080/60. You can combine this with the 3x optical zoom for an effective 6x zoom, useful for things a ways away like my kids jumping at a local trampoline venue or running around at the park. Does seem to chomp battery pretty quickly though. I have few battery anecdotes thus far, this is one of em.

Small 4k reference: this is interesting as it begs the question as to how much of the sensor is sampled for the 1080P, and perhaps as I've theorized for some time, DIGIC7 and 24MP APS-C sensor equipped cameras probably can do 4k from a purely hardware perspective, but Canon is choosing to govern it via software. Canon probably won't unlock this for us anytime soon if ever, but, should magic lantern make it's way to the post DIGIC5 world, it (4k) could happen.

2. Marco Nero's modified fine detail picture style (that is fine detail with +1 color saturation and +1 color tones) produces very pleasing color output. This has been my first time using it in video as I only recently started using his recipe. Excellent results. This is one area (video) where having the right picture style matters for more than SOOC JPEG as video output is not RAW, you need to have your WB, colors, sharpness, correct, to boot. I can't emphasize enough if you're not paying attention to the benefits of customizing (or even using the appropriate) picture styles and are overly obsessed with RAW, it's worth doubling back to nail down a picture style that works for you as video output is a whole other ball of wax vs stills.

3. The IS of the G1X III is superior to even the hybrid IS enabled lenses like the EF-M 15-45 and EF-M 18-150 on the EOS M5/M6/M100. The hybrid IS on the EF-M 18-150 married to my former M5 was Canon's best to date for helping the more video amateurish folk like myself produce decent footage; the G1X III, although it matches the same 4-stops of IS, it's better particularly in video, a lot better. Footage from my M5 + 18-150 although good, with how I shoot, running after my kids at time, can make your stomach a bit upset watching it on a giant TV. The G1X III really helps even more with video IS.

4. Auto leveling feature (on by default) is also useful for improving my novice video footage. It does produce some unusual results when running and shooting, but those unusual results are a lot better than getting sea sick watching jerky footage in aforementioned conditions.

5. DPAF and the AF of the G1X III lens is very good, this is a duh to me, but it's worth repeating to folks that are coming from a non-DPAF camera like the G7X II, G5X, etc that it's a really large benefit having fast, accurate, smooth AF in video. Produces VERY natural looking results.

6. Although perhaps an amateur remark, I'm learning to watch my exposure / mode going into video. Av with F/8 is a good idea if you're outside, vs shooting P in video will choose say f/4 leaving beautiful landscapes not in focus during your shot. Conversely, shooting portraiture like video, dictating Av wide open at f/2.8-5.6, is a good idea. Now that I'm getting more experience with video, and, my camera is helping me stabilize and level it, with nailing the AF, things like the basics are beginning to matter.

7. Optical zoom is slowed in video, a lot, it's actually requiring / testing my patience. But, it once again, helps folks like myself that don't know the proper zooming technique achieve a result that's natural in appearance.

8. That video button is out of the way and you really have to mash down for it to engage. This is good in that you aren't going to accidentally engage it (common complaint on my former M5), but you have to really be intentional about engaging it, like often I have to pull away from the viewfinder which I'm on 80% of the time or more, and make sure my finger is on the button, then go back to the EVF and mash down.

9. There's less customization of exposure in video like the M5 or former Canon's. You need to setup your exposure first, then, and then engage video. Not engage it and then mess with it, doesn't work out.

I'm pretty impressed with the video output, enough I'll open the can of worms and say perhaps the video aids added to the G1X III outweigh some of the technical abilities competitors have in their cameras, 4k, for example

It does make me want a 4k output, even more though now that I'm getting better footage to begin with. Somewhat off topic, it also begs the question, although not related to the G1X III, how competitors video footage that is 4k, like say the new Panasonic G9, and Sony A7RIII, are.

Canon G7 X II Canon PowerShot G5 X Panasonic Lumix DC-G9
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