Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

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Re: Upgrading my GX1- Is GX85 enough for indoor sports?

No, Panasonic C-AF just isn't as good as the competition that uses on sensor phase-detect or regular Dslr's with mid range AF solutions. Example D3400 is crap the D5300 and above is fine in this regard.

ISO performance is better on the GX85 compared to your GX1. As it has a newer version 16mp sensor which is pretty old at this point anyway. think 1/3rd stop at equal noise levels. Sure a advantage but not a night and day one. If you'd move from the GX1 to a modern DSLR or Sony A6000+/Fuji X-T20 you'd see a advantage worth a full stop.

Still using fast glass indoors is extremely beneficial. Nikon Sony and Canon have cheap 50mm lenses for that. Fujifilm not so much. The 50mm F2 is about twice as expensive but it is weathersealed unlike the others.

If you want to stay within M43 the best option in my opinion would be the original EM1. If you can find a good condition one at a reasonable price. Since that camera does have on sensor PDAF. And also access to an relatively affordable amazing fast zoom.

The 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 SWD 4/3 lens. Yes it needs an adapter but it's just great optically with good range at an fast aperture.

Fujifilm has a 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 which is roughly equiv. due to it's larger sensor size. (less reach though)

On Dslr's your either looking at slower glass or much more expensive/heavy constant aperture zooms.

Sony E-mount same problem as the Dslr's on telephoto lenses as their high quality ones are made for fullframe. Their Apsc Zoom is unfortunately garbage.

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