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knight427 wrote:

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I did some Googling, and turns out this may be possible after all, using only Lightroom.

This video shows how:

This looks promising, I'll watch with sound over lunch, thanks!
Also, for other posters, I do have PS, but I'm not very comfortable with it, so I only use it when I am highly motivated to do something that LR can't. I will continue learning both programs, but I don't even have one full year of photography under my belt yet, so I'm trying to master LR before I attempt to become minimally competent in PS.

Sure thing, hope it works! I think we're on a similar point in the overall learning curve so take this with a grain of salt, but from my experience this would still be easier and faster in Photoshop using the method I described earlier. But definitely good to be able to do this kind of thing in Lightroom itself so you can keep the non-destructive editing workflow!

One thing to maybe try once you're done is to crank some of the adjustment sliders up and down for the whole image, to see if it reveals any "seams" where the patch was applied.

The video did show a nice workaround for LR, but I ended up using PS instead. The LR workaround involved making a new file. While that's not hard, it wasn't clean enough to justify my avoidance of PS. Once I was in PS, I also took advantage of the better lens distortion controls in order to stretch the height of the trees on the left side (which were suffering from vanishing point effects).

Here is the final image. It's roughly 7x1 to fit on 4 side-by-side HDTVs. We have a display wall at work mostly used for customer visit meetings. I've been providing screen savers.

Very nice!

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