Canon 500mm F4 IS MKi Water damaged

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Re: Canon 500mm F4 IS MKi Water damaged

ovengloves wrote:

I decided it wasn't worth the possible risk of getting it repaired myself.

The canon service centre won't quote for water damage and most places will probably charge to assess the damage as it needs to be dismantled.

So I decided to list it on Ebay, not knowing its value in that state I put buy it now or best offer £750.

90 minutes after listing it someone paid the full price, perhaps I should have listed it for more but what's done is done and I'm happy. Hopefully the other guy is happy and it doesn't spoil his Christmas.

Cheers for the advice folks.

That seems like a pretty fair price. If I was salvaging it, I'd get the mount, external barrel pieces and a few of the glass elements (probably). The value of that is somewhere around $1200 - $1500 but some effort and expertise needs to go into disassembly and cleaning, so seems like a reasonable deal all around.

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