Macro/Closeup Thread 11 December 2017

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Macro/Closeup Thread 11 December 2017

Welcome to the Macro/Closeup Thread 11 December 2017


Although this is the Panasonic Compact Camera Forum we welcome photos taken with any camera.


When posting images to this thread PLEASE:

*****************REPLY TO ORIGINAL THREAD***************




Please feel free to post images of insects and other little animals, flowers, buds, foliage etc, droplets, man-made items or anything else that is somewhat
small or seen closer up than usual.

The images might be recent or not, straight out of the camera or post processed a little or a lot, including any artistic or other effects that appeal to you.

If you prefer to simply post images that is fine, but if you are inclined to add a little background about the subject or equipment, post processing etc or any
stories about the shots that would be good and may encourage better responses.

If you have questions about finding or creating subjects, capture technique, equipment, post processing etc please do ask and hopefully someone here
will be able to give some helpful suggestions. And if you have lessons you have learned please do share them to help others improve and enjoy their
close-up/macro activities.

You may simply want to share your images with others here, but if you would like Constructive Comments/Critique or however you prefer to think of it,
please either add "CC requested" or similar to the subject line or to the text of the post.

If you can respond to any CC requests that would be great.

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