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Re: In an English Country Garden

P3T3S wrote:

This photo reminds me of a joke ...

An American visiting a stately home in England comments to the gardener on the immaculate lawns and asks him what the secret is.

"Well, the lawn needs to be watered regularly if there is no rain,...."

"Yes, I do that."

"...and must be mown every week,..."

"Yes, I do it every week!"

"... and rolled regularly,..."

"Yes, every month!!"

"... for at least 200 years."


My notions of English garden design is limited to perceptions gotten from movies and novels I've seen and read over the years, and may be off-kilter.  Here in the Pacific Northwest area of USA, it's more common to see landscape gardens influenced by Japanese and Chinese style, which to my eye has less symmetry and straight-line geometry than might be typical in the English garden style..

Assuming a certain formality of the English garden, I'd think that square format would be a strong first choice for presentation.  However, in this scene the level of formality is considerably reduced by the mowing and the wheelbarrow as main elements.  Because of this, my suggestion is to consider cropping down from the top, to near the top of the tree on the right margin, yielding a less-square, less-formal, format.

With the crop, the tree on the right and the tree nearest the path on the left would appear more or less equal and thus "bookend" the sides of the scene.  Also, emphasis on the maintenance work/equipment would be increased, and "dead" space sky would be eliminated.  I think also that a viewer's perspective would seem slightly lower -- more in line with the mower's chest than his forehead -- and thereby could make the viewer feel more in-the-action than looking-down-at-the-action.

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