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A surprising camera

I recently bought into the Fuji system with an X-T10 and X-E2, and having found that I really liked the results from those cameras I initially thought I'd buy an X100T, then I thought, no no no, I'll go with an X100S since it's a couple hundred dollars less, but I wasn't sure I'd really use it and after reading a TON of reviews I decided there wasn't all that much difference between the X100 and the X100S.  After hemming and hawing for a couple weeks over which version I'd go for, or if I should just spend the money on another lens I jumped at the chance to buy gently used X100 at a great price, so that decision sort of made itself.  I like getting new cameras, but I have to admit I was a bit giddy when this one finally arrived.  I have been shooting more film over the last few years and enjoying the experience of using old film cameras (The Olympus Trip 35 is my favorite lately) and this felt like one of those...cool.  I took it out of the box expecting it to focus somewhere around the speed of my Pentax SF1 I had years ago.  In other words, I thought it was going to be a huge let down and suck.  I was surprised at how quickly it achieved focus in a dark room, which from lots of reviews seemed to be one of it's weak points.  I thought to myself, well it must be that new firmware everyone talked about that made it a new camera, boy, those Fuji guys are great...then I checked the firmware.  Version 1.21.  What the hell?  This camera was supposed to suck before version 2.0?

I fiddled around with it a bit more and then upgraded the firmware.  I was really excited at this point, I expected the rocket boosters to kick in on the focusing and lasers to come out, because hell, why not?  Well, I'll be honest, it doesn't seem to focus that much faster, but the menus are a little different and using the camera is much less clunky.  So maybe it was my bottom of the barrel expectations but I'm happy with what it does.  I have kids between ages 3-11 and I don't have much problem getting pictures of them, but it's certainly not a camera I would buy with the intention of shooting sports, that would be dumb.  But for a camera that fits in my pocket (I have big pockets) and produces excellent photos, this is it for me.  It is QUIET, I can get a picture of those quiet intimate moments with just the tiniest little click of the leaf shutter without distracting the kids when they are reading stories at bedtime (When I get out my other cameras the shutter sound instantly puts them into goofing around mode and ruins the moment).  I also really like being able to use the flash at higher shutter speeds than 1/180th like my other cameras, that was a surprising thing for me, since I haven't had much opportunity to do this I have not learned to appreciate this ability!

For a camera that I never intended to use all that seriously and figured I'd probably hate and get rid of but was too curious not to buy, it has become my main camera.  I have this thing with my all the time.  I wouldn't want it to be my only camera, but for 90% of my day to day photographic needs and desires, this fits the bill.  I even splurged on a nice leather case for it from Luigi Crescenzi that has an added grip and a really great cover that goes over the back to protect the screen.  My wife asked me to get the camera the other day, and when I asked which one she replied "That nice one with the leather case, I like that one", which coming from my non-photographer wife I felt was quite the compliment.

Overall, these things are getting to be very inexpensive, and if you are ok with not having the latest and greatest, you'll find a lot of camera for the money.

P.S. I did buy an X100S after having my X100 for a month and a half when I found a good deal on one.  It was not worth the money, the X100S in some cases didn't even focus as quickly, although it operates faster and has a better EVF, I wouldn't bother.  I sent the X100S back and am continuing to use my X100 on a daily basis.

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