Next camera choice...D500 or D750?

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Re: Next camera choice...D500 or D750?

I've studied this issue as well since I just broke my D7200.  I was studying potential upgrade paths.

I did a lot of research before buying the D7200 and convinced myself that it resolves plenty of detail.  I found comparisons that other people had done that showed with good glass the D7200 was actually sharper than the D750 due to no AA filter.  I can't substantiate those claims, just repeat what I found.  There is a difference in dynamic range that I can't quantify.  Again from comparisons I found there is roughly 2 stops of difference in high ISO performance.  I finally decided this would be an occasional advantage to me.

Considering the D500/D7500- again from comparisons I found there is almost a full stop of high ISO advantage there.  I found comparisons that thought there was a slight advantage in sharpness to the D500, others where I thought there might be a slight advantage to the D7200.  I don't think there is enough either way to base a decision on.

We all know the advantages of the D500 for sports, maybe that doesn't apply to you.

Something you didn't mention- to make effective use of the D750 for shooting weddings you would need one or more very good and expensive lenses like a 24-70 and maybe an 85.  This isn't a small matter.  I have the same issue with buying a D750 but I'm also wondering if the D750 will be replaced soon.  This is somewhat irrational for me because I was willing to use the D7200 even aver the D500 and D7500 were released.

If you need another body and don't have compelling reasons to change, maybe just buy another D7200.  They are relatively inexpensive these days.  I'm still considering buying another D7200 for myself.

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