They did all this???

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Re: They did all this???

n057 wrote:

I wonder if it has to do with serial number ... They know which batch needs all that work done.

Maybe they have a checklist, they review everything on the list when the camera is received.

Or human nature being what it is they may be more diligent checking out a camera that was sent in by someone that's little more than a stone's throw from Melville

since I live so close to Melville, they get it the next day and same on the return trip, making the process so much faster. In the past I used to work just down the block and actually watched them build the Nikon building. How convenient would that have been to be able to walk it over?

who would be much more likely to be a persistent pest, showing up on their doorstep, questioning their work than someone that lives in say, North Dakota, that might not want to send their camera back, incurring additional Fedex/UPS delivery and insurance expenses not to mention being without their camera again with no guarantee of any better service.

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