help: 55mm or 85mm?

Started Dec 10, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Re: help: 55mm or 85mm?

jor23 wrote:

I am heading to London with family for a couple of weeks.

Going to bring A7ii and 16-35 f4 lens. Also going to bring Fuji x100t

Should I take my 55mm or 85mm FE?

Leaning towards 55mm as I mainly take pictures of my wife and kid, so limited working distance. On the other hand, 55mm is kind of close to the 35mm on x100t.


55 is too close to 35, I would definitely choose 85. But I also would leave the Fuji at home. Or take the Fuji and leave the Sony at home. Why bother with two different systems?

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