Orion with astrotracer miscalibration fix

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Re: astrotracer miscalibration fix...Great work, but...

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Polacofede wrote:

Now to my question. How do you do to know/assure that the correction is good?

In this case, trial and error, i took several shots with the rod at different places at the left, top, rigth and observed how it influenced the result. I could have been forever doing so, however it seemed pretty well at the third or fourth time i tested. Chris Gunn told me,if i recall correctly, that he used the north pole, the camera compass and his car moving accordingly until the camera compass display the orientation he expects.

I will try further to see if i can find a better way to determine this, more like chris i think but using a metal rod.

Maybe you could compare the compass in the camera with a reliable compass. When they are in agreement, it is OK. That would remove the trial and error, but still needs the rod.

To really understand the magnitude of the problem, I think I need three images

  • One image without using astrotracer
  • One image with astrotracer
  • One image with astrotracer and the corrective rod

Maybe it already is 90% improvement without the rod and the rod simply correct for very reasonable inexactness of the system.

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