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The term myopia is of Koine Greek origin: μυωπία myōpia (or μυωπίασις myōpiasis) "short-sight(-ness)", from Ancient Greek μύωψ myōps "short-sighted (man), (man) with eyes getting shut", from μύειν myein "to shut the eyes" and ὤψ ōps "eye, look, sight" (GEN ὠπός ōpos).[119][120][121][122][123] The opposite of myopia in English is hyperopia (long-sightedness).

A myopic individual can see clearly out to a certain distance, but everything further becomes blurry.

The terms "myopia" and "myopic" (or the common terms "short-sightedness" or "short-sighted", respectively) have been used metaphorically to refer to cognitive thinking and decision making that is narrow in scope or lacking in foresight or in concern for wider interests


On rainy mornings

You will see them drenched

PEASANTS! Shivering in their emaciated bones

along the boulevards of misery

the boulevards of this country

are railway tracks in my heart

a train of anguish runs on them

rage corollary of hunger

the ricepads of this country

are putrid marshlands in my soul

tended by no magic fertilizers

mountain if the wind blows tomorrow

make me a sabre of that wind

if the skeleton of stillborn promises

dry up in the catacombs

make me the incendiary bomb

if madness we must have

let me be the hangman hanging myself

hanging them hanging the day

not by its neck not by its belly

but by its heart seen in its great betrayal!

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