Seeing m43rds evolving

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Seeing m43rds evolving

I wanted to share with you something that you certainly observed if you got the last m43rds gear.

I am a quite experienced (not claiming good) wildlife photographer. So when I point my camera to something, I know what to expect. Have always been like that, even after changing gear: yes, maybe a bit better than the previous camera or lens, but nothing to be proud of. The most clear situation where this happens to me is when I really want a bird that is far away from the camera, or too tiny: too much crop is very bad for IQ.

Or so it was...

What I am seeing now is a big jump in IQ, and this is due to several factors, naming a few: the crazily sharp 300F4, the faster F4 that allows me to shoot with lower ISOs, the great IBIS that allows me to shot even 1/15s at 300mm, the EM1 and EM1.II versus my old 43rd E5, specially the good EVFs. Summing up, the IQ difference is simply huge.

Let me show you two examples on what I mean.

1. Recently, I was in my always darkrainforest trying to capture a tiny bird, one of our smallest (Hemitriccus furcatus, 11cm in length, counting its "long" tail). The bird is not a nervous one, and it gave us time. But he was too far away for its size. Since I love tiny birds (the tinier, the better), I tried anyway, knowing that nothing decent would come out. This is what I got (untreated, downsized, uncropped):

I always new what this meant: lots of crop to get a blurry thing even after careful selective wavelet sharpening. But not with the EM1.II+300F4, and this was clear already in the camera EVF. This is what I got (100% crop, processed to taste):

Until the 300F4, this was science fiction to me. Of course, besides the incredible lens, the "low" ISO of 400 thanks to the amazing IBIS that allowed me to shoot at 1/60s exposing the picture properly to the right, the fantastic WYSIWYG of the good EVF, and the background far behind the bird that allowed the camera to AF properly. But mainly the gear.

2. It was very late, 6:12pm inside the same rainforest. Hence very, very dark. We heard a relatively rare bird, one that I had only one ugly shot. So I went after him, called him, and he came. Quite close, and singing!! The only problem was the light. Therefore, I shoot at high ISO 5000. And it wasn't more again thanks to the IBIS that allowed me 1/40s. But this time it was not so good, because the bird was moving and singing, so 1/40s meant blur. This is what I got:

Yes, just an "ok" shot. But, again, this was a rare bird taken in the dark, then I was quite happy with the result, the best picture of this guy I got in a long time. Yet... yes, nothing special. I knew that I would not get a better picture than this one under those conditions, and he was singing beautifully, so... I pressed the movie button. I'm not particularly stable (a weak 52 y.o. guy here), I have no experience with movies, I didn't change any setting, just pressed the button to take a movie. Again, I knew what this meant before: at 300mm, a jerky jumpy movie with crap sound and horrendous IQ. But not now. I got this (only cropped and downsized):

MP4 Movie Clip

The 4K version looks great. And with a great sound IMO (yes, I cleaned the sound a bit, but nothing serious - I am not a sound guy either), so good that I took the sound and saved into my playback app as first song.

I am usually quite critic about Olympus, mainly due to its quality control. I've had quite bad experiences with almost all my 43rd equipment, including my two SWF lenses. But I need to recognize that Oly has walked a long path until here, and has made huge progress.

Congrats Oly!! Take distance from consumer me-too lenses, and keep doing pro stuff like the 300F4. I don't want nor need any FF equipment if mine can do this kind of work, just continue growing this ecosystem. I will wait patiently for sensors to evolve, knowing that you will do your best to evolve the system with them.



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