Next camera choice...D500 or D750?

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Re: Next camera choice...D500 or D750?

tom1234567 wrote:

rooster411 wrote:

Hello, new to the forum.

Am looking for a second camera for my part time photography hobby/business.
I do quite a bit of unpaid sports photography (which I really enjoy) and a fair bit of family sessions, senior portraits, and some small weddings (though I don't enjoy as much) I get paid for.
I currently have the D7200 as my main shooter, and an old D3200 as a second.
Lenses include Nikon 35mm 1.8, Nikon 50mm 1.8, Sigma 17-50 2.8 and Sigma 70-200 2.8.
My question is should I get the D500 or the D750?
Is the D500 that much better than the D500 to warrant another DX camera? Is the shallower DOF and better low light performance on the 750 the better route?
Currently seeing the 750 for about $400-$500 less than the D500. I realize the 17-50 is not compatible on the 750, so I would probably opt for the Tamron 24-70 G2 to fill its role on that body.
My gut is telling me to get the 750. I am a fairly competent sports shooter and I do well with the 7200. I think the camera that can help me offer more to customers is the D750.
Thank you.

well I have done my homework I too use the D7200 which is an excellent camera

but I don't want to throw away 4million pixels for the sake of a D500

There is only 3.3 million pixel difference. The D7200 is a 24.2MP camera. The D500 and D7500 are 20.9MP cameras. If you are rounding to the nearest full million it would be more accurate to state "3 million".

and the D750 has the AA/filter which puts me of

The D750 still produces sharper images than the D7200 when they use equally sharp lenses.

the ideal situation would be in my case to hang on and wait till after the pagan festival,

Glad Jul to you!

and see if Nikon will bring out a D760 or a proper upgrade to the D7200

The D7500 is a proper upgrade to the D7200. It doesn't meet everybody's requirements, including, apparently, yours. I'm expect at least one FX non-pro-interface body in 2018.

as in my opinion the D7500 is a downgrade to the D7200,

My opinion is that it is an upgrade.

and again you would be throwing away 4million pixels

Again it is 3.3 million pixels The difference between 4 million and 3.3 million is 17.5%. The difference between the linear resolution of 20.9MP and 24.2MP is about 7%.

and that does make a difference regardless what others say.

The question is whether the difference is big enough to make a practical difference to OP. He'll get a greater increase in sharpness by moving to a D750 than he will lose by moving to a D500.

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