A6000 - some questions about moving up to A6500

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A6000 - some questions about moving up to A6500

I partially moved from a D7500 to a A6000 a few weeks ago. I was finding the D7500 a little too bulky for my needs and with the A6000 being sold at a rather attractive price, I took the plunge and went for it with the kit lens and 50mm OSS and the Sigma 16mm f1/4.

Now I've used it for a few weeks now and have been trying to get used to it. However, there are some little things I can't seem to get used to. I am also thinking if I should upgrade to the A6500, so was just wondering if some of the things I'm about to mention is 'fixed' in the A6500?

Image Quality

IQ generally is satisfactory, but compared to my D7500 I find that pushing shadows at low ISOs often require me to crank up NR as I get random specks of white or red noise when doing so. I've been shooting Christmas lights of late so I need the DR latitude if I want faces to be seen. On the D7500 there is noise, but it feels more evened out and finer and I don't generally apply NR until ISO 3200 and above.

I've heard the A6300/A6500 have much better exposure latitude than the A6000. Is the difference noticeable?

Also, is it true that the A6500 shoots true 14-bit (compressed) RAWs?

Aperture Priority and min SS

I've been having lots of fun with the new Sigma 16mm f/1.4 lens. It's much sharper than the 17-70mm zoom I put on my Nikon.

However, despite shooting at 16mm Sony insists on having the minimum (or maximum? I'm not too sure of the jargon) shutter speed at 1/60s when auto ISO is turned on. I would very much love having a slower minimum speed of, say, 1/30s. Is it possible to do so on the A6500?

Lock-on AF

Lock-on AF is very cool, but very difficult to access especially with Expand Flexible Spot turned on (I can't toggle this with the centre button, which is rather silly). Is this improved in the A6500? Does the implementation of a touch screen make this feature easier to access?

AE+AF lock in one button

Is this possible to do in the A6500? Can't seem to find such an option on the A6000.

On a separate note, does the AF/MF and AE toggle do anything else other than allow two functions to be mapped to a single button?

Virtual shutter/ aperture dial

Is there a way to remove the virtual shutter and aperture scrolling animation? It makes the whole camera feel rather 'unresponsive' as I have to wait for the animation.


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