Next camera choice...D500 or D750?

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Re: Next camera choice...D500 or D750?

Buy equipment that will successfully address those barriers that you frequently experience with your current equipment.

If you haven't frequently found the frame rate, buffer and AF tracking of the D7200 making you miss a lot of shots, then there is probably no need for a D500.

rooster411 wrote:

Is the shallower DOF and better low light performance on the 750 the better route?

If you haven't frequently felt you need shallower DOF or sharper images for your portrait and wedding photos, then you probably don't need a D750. You won't actually get better low light performance unless you use the shallower DOF.  I find that when taking portraits I rarely wish I had shallower DOF unless I am using a short focal length to get a wide FOV. When using an 85mm or a 70-200 for portraits, it is usually stopped down a bit to get adequate DOF and maximize sharpness.

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