Those wonderful rich colours in photos?

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Re: Those wonderful rich colours in photos?

Brisn5757 wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Brisn5757 wrote:

Thanks for the example photos Gerry. It shows what is possible.

I also posted a photo of a red reflection in a lake as requested from someone in this forum as I had problems with this photo then they wanted to see how I had tried to enhance the photo which I also posted. It's under the same subject heading. No one has given me any comments on these lake photos

You've forgotten the post from beatboxa about it ...

Here is what I've done to them; same treatment for both. Increased WB by +5. Reduced highlights and whites quite a lot; opened shadows quite a lot (probably a bit too much). Increased saturation of reds and oranges only (so you couldn't just boost saturation in camera). Straightened the horizons. A touch of sharpening.

The results look a lot better thanks Jerry and I like the stronger red in the trees.

I've noted everything you have tone. I think I made the mistake of not isolating the colours when saturating the photo. Out of interest what photo editjng program did you use?

I use Photoshop (the current PS CC subscription version, although the version makes no difference for what I've done here).

Photoshop includes a module called Adobe Camera Raw, ACR. When first introduced it was simply a raw converter (hence the name) but it has steadily ben expanded into a sophisticated editing program. Functionally it is virtually identical to Lightroom, although the user interfaces are slightly different. Despite its name ACR works just the same for JPGs as raw files (you need to set preferences to do so).

In principle ACR and LR are global editors - that is, their edits apply to the whole frame - but they do have some limited local editing capacity. What they can't do is take selected areas that have clearly defined edges and treat them separately or even, as I did with the sky in your garden picture, copy them into another picture.

You may see an apparent contradiction in my changing the reds only and saying that ACR/LR can't select parts of a picture, but there isn't one. With ACR/LR I can alter reds over the whole frame but I can't (say) pick out just the reds in the single tree at top right.

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