Am I giving up too much to get with Fuji

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Matt Fulghum
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Re: Am I giving up too much to get with Fuji

This is sage advice, IMO - get the camera you're going to enjoy shooting more.  If it's not fun to use, you're not going to use it.  The X-T20, with either of the kit lens options, is fun to shoot, at least for me.  While the 18-55 is a wonderful lens, the 16-50 ain't too bad, and if you can find a deal one one with that lens, you'd have more funds to put toward the 55-230, which is also a really fun lens.

Because it's still a relatively young system, it's hard to find as many deals on lenses, especially used lenses, as with other systems, but I've been pretty pleased when I have been able to find what I'm looking for on KEH.  They've got a 100-400 for $1500, and it's really, really tempting me.

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