Considering moving to full frame, but I'm confused...

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Considering moving to full frame, but I'm confused...


I've been thinking about this for months, and researching for weeks. Hopefully you guys can help...

I have a Lumix G85 with 12-35 f2.8, 20mm 1.7, and mikaton 25mm 0.95.  I used to shoot on a G3 and then a G6 too, so I'm used to these cameras.

I shoot equal amounts of video and photo. Recently I have been watching lots of youtube videos and browsing instagram etc, and every time I see something I really like, it turns out to be a Canon full frame camera and lens, often the 1dx mk II. When I compare my portraits to many of the ones I see from Canon full frame they just don't have a similar feel, somethings missing, is this me or the full frame look?

I know the G85 and GH5 are incredible cameras, but the videos I tend to like never turn out to be filmed with these. And the photos I like, especially portraits seem to be always on canon gear.

I know people go on about canon colours and how good they are.  There seems to be something more organic, softer, and for want of a better word, more cinematic about them. The panasonic cameras are extremely sharp, but I do notice the more sharp video-type look.

I used to think that f2.8 on my 12-35 panasonic lens would give a similar shallow DOF as say the canon f.2.8 24-70mm, but I was wrong. The equivalent on the Canon DOF wise is closer to f 5.6, so MFT lenses unless super fast are missing something.

I didnt realise why I was struggling to get the shallow DOF that I often wanted in many situations. Thats why I got the Mitakon 0.95, but its not that sharp wide open, and doesnt look the same.

I love the features on the Panasonic cameras, and it seems Canon are way behind in that respect, which is off-putting, and they cost so much more. So many of the people I have seen with content I like use the 1dx mkii but its so expensive! It doesnt have a flip screen, cant do timelapses and various other things, not as high frame rates etc.

I am just considering the low light and DOF advantages of going full frame, but the argument is so unclear and endless online!

I would like 120fps in 1080, I dont care about 4k right now but it would be nice. Most of all I am looking for an image that is as organic and film like as possible, not so much like video.

Has anyone got any advice? Im considering getting more MFT primes or changing up my whole kit?

Panasonic G85 Panasonic GH5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6
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