Lens test Sigma 16mm vs Sony 10-18 and DT 16-50

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Lens test Sigma 16mm vs Sony 10-18 and DT 16-50

The new Sigma 16mm F1.4 was on sale here today, so I could not resist getting it!
Spent the day shooting with it, and also made a little comparison test versus the other lenses I have which can do 16mm, the Sony 10-18mm and the DT 16-50 (with LA-EA3 adapter). The DT16-50 from my experience is amazingly sharp in the center, so that should be a good comparison.

So first test of the center wide open for all lenses. 100% crops:

Sigma 16mm at f/1.4

Sony DT 16-50 at f/2.8

Sony 10-18 at f/4

The others at f/4 too:

Sigma 16mm at f/4

DT 16-50 at f/4

For the center the Sigma looks almost exactly the same at f/4, f/5.6 and f/8, and is as sharp as it gets. And it holds up very well compared to the excellent DT 16-50. The 10-18mm is softer at f/4, not surprisingly since that is wide open for it, and it get's sharper up to f/8.
Let's check the corners. My DT 16-50 isn't very sharp in the corners, possibly due to the adapter. But here they all are wide open:

Sigma 16mm at f/1.4 in corner

DT 16-50 at f/2.8

10-18 at f/4

That wasn't close at all, the Sigma is way sharper. Let's check f/8 to even things out a bit

DT 16-50 at f/8 in corner

Sony 10-18 at f/8 in the corner

So the Sigma at f/1.4 is quite comparable to the others at f/8!
The Sigma corners are best at f/5.6 to f/8 which looks like this:

Sigma at f/8

Overall I have to say I'm impressed with the Sigma. It seems to be very sharp already from wide open apertures!
As for use, it is a fairly large lens for a crop prime e-mount lens. A little smaller than the 18-105, and a little bigger than the Sigma 30 f/1.4. The manual focus is much better than the Sigma 30. It is still focus-by-wire, but it is now linear, and always takes about 180 degree rotation to go from minimum to maximum focus distance no matter how fast you turn. It's no problem setting focus where I want. In fact it's probably the best focus-by-wire implementation I've tried yet.
Auto-focus also seems to be fast and accurate, but more testing needed there.
Some other shots with the Sigma 16mm today:

Hand held f/1.4 in blue hour. Wide aperture makes it easy to shoot hand held even in low light

The Sigma 16 should be a great landscape lens

Nice bokeh can be used for environmental portraits

Not much flaring here

Sunstar at f/16, and as much flare as I managed to get

Nice background blur when focusing close. Round bokeh (slight cat eye in the corners) without any sign of onion rings

Bokeh balls!

All in all I'm impressed with the lens after the first day!

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