If only owning 1 L lens, which one: 35mm 1.4 ii, 24-70 2.8 ii, or 50mm 1.2?

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Re: If only owning 1 L lens, which one: 35mm 1.4 ii, 24-70 2.8 ii, or 50mm 1.2?

Och Elo wrote:

I re-entered FF DSLR world with 6D2 and 24-105 STM and 50mm 1.8 STM. I wanted to keep my initial lens investment small, and with those 2 lenses I can actually shoot anything I want/need. I'm a hobbyist and primarily shoot people.

I've always wanted to add 1 high quality L lens to the lineup, and just one, due to cost and wanting to avoid GAS. So the 3 I am choosing from is the 35mm, 24-70 f/2.8, or 50mm. I have used the 24-70 before so aware of it's quality, have not used the other 2 before.

IF I was only limited to carrying 1 lens, then the 35mm focal length is the one I prefer and most versatile. But if I have any kind of zoom available, I prefer a 50mm. So it's a tough choice, I could see any 1 of these 3 getting a lot of use from me.

So, if I could only have 1 of the 3, which would be the best choice?

Just my thoughts

I have the 24-70 f/2.8 mkii, but much prefer the 24-70 f/4 IS. for me having IS gets me shots i cant get with my f/2.8. I love the f/2.8, but find the f/4 much more versatile. Its also a lot cheaper. Hand held shooting at 1/5, macro and IQ almost as good as the f/2.8 (and you have to pixel peep to see the difference most of the time)

I know the call of the 24-70 f/2.8 is a strong one, but i feel a lot of people buy it because of what it is and its rep. It really doesn't get much better than this lens, as long as the features are what you need, but i say weigh up what you need it for.

I would also point out the 50mm f/1.2 might be a let down coming from the 50mm f/1.8 STM, at least in IQ. I really wanted this lens, and already have the 50mm STM. Both copies ive tired over the past year were great, and of course have a look that you cant get with the STM lens, but i wasn't blown away with the IQ over the STM. If IQ is the main reason for getting it make sure you try it first.

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