Epson P800 vs Canon Pro 1000 (yet again), help deciding please!

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Epson P800 vs Canon Pro 1000 (yet again), help deciding please!


I know it is ultimately down to me, and I know this has been done a lot in the past, but now that some time has passed, I'm wondering if there's anything I should know other than it basically being a choice between : -

1) Epson

  • Pro: Panoramas
  • Con: Ink wastage during Matte/Photo black switching

2) Canon

  • Pro: Better paper handling
  • Pro: Slightly higher colour gamut
  • Con: possibly more overall ink usage (?!), and heavy CO usage which would probably offset the ink switching of the Canon.
  • Con: No Panoramas

The general feeling I got from reading loads of comments about these printers (mostly anecdotal it seems) is the the prints from the Canon just had something about them.. It might be just the glossy prints, as I also got the impression Canon was best at them.

Does the Canon heavy usage of CO possibly level out the ink switching issue of the Epson?

Has anyone has both?

Any regrets buying one or the other?

Anyone returned one for the other?

Any input would be appreciated. I'm hoping to order on Monday.

A bit about my intended usage:

It will not be used heavily.  I could probably print something every week if I needed to, but there might be times I don't have anything to print for a month.

It will mainly be for photographs of all sorts of sizes to either put on my wall, or for family, or hopefully to sell.

I will probably use it a bit for work, for printing out database/software design schematics, flow charts, etc.  Some of my DB designs can get a little wide and panoramas might be handy, but probably not essential.

I like the idea of printing pano photos.. I have none at the moment, but it's something I'd probably play with if I had the option.

My main priority I'd say is output quality.  That trumps most things, even a small cost difference in running the thing.  If the Canon Pro 1000 pictures are *noticably* better, it might swing me that way.

I hate the idea of pizza wheel marks on photos.. some users have reported that with the Epson.

The Epson probably makes the most sense, also the fact it is smaller and lighter is a plus, but something keeps making me think about the Canon and the possibility of prints that are just that bit more *wow*.


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