Looking at buying the Fuji X-T20, but confused about what lenses to buy

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Looking at buying the Fuji X-T20, but confused about what lenses to buy

Looking at buying the Fuji X-T20

I currently use the Nikon D70S and the D7000, but I've always hated the D7000 because the colours are all greyed out, and the D70S is terrible at any higher ISO (but has great colour).  I currently have the 18-200mm, 60mm 2.8, 10-20mm, and 70-200 2.8.  I've been mostly using the 60mm 2.8.

I was interested in the Fuji because I was told it had a new exceptional sensor, and two of the guys at the camera store just switched all their Nikon equipment to Fuji because of it (the one guy I'd been dealing with over 10yrs).

First I was thinking about getting it with the cheaper 16-50 lens and then going with the zoom 18-135mm as an everyday lens.  Then I was really interested in the 80mm 2.8, but then read some bad reviews on it.  Then I read some much better reviews on the 60mm 2.4, so was considering it.  I also really liked my 90mm I used to have on my Pentax so considered the 90mm F2 as well.

As I was reading I realized one thing I really like is the out-of-focus background.  I used to be a portrait photographer and would like to get back into doing that and pets.  So then I read a thread comparing the 50-140 2.8 with the 55-200, and realized that I would like the 2.8 after all.  But then that would mean going with the more expensive kit lens as I wouldn't have the range of the 18-135mm.  But then I wondered if there would be any point getting the 60mm 2.8, or would that be redundant?  Or should I just start with the camera and the 60mm?  I will probably still have my Nikon equipment for the rest of the lenses, as I can't afford the lens prices of the Fuji at the moment.  I have $3000 to spend so can get the camera and a couple lenses.

What I would most like to shoot is my pet birds flying around my house right now, and then later do professional photography again- as I said pets and portraits (NOT weddings- been there done that!).

Since some of you guys have tons of these lenses, which are your favorites and what would you suggest.  The other reasons I'm thinking about switching is: lighter camera, better ISO without grain, Auto-ISO so I don't have to keep switching for each shot.  I was shooting my sister on her horse in an arena, and wanted to keep the shutter speed at 125th (for hand-holding) and the aperture wide open at 2.8 (for the most light), but the picture was too dark.  Then I changed the ISO and then the horse was in a different spot so the picture was too light.  If I changed to shutter-priority or aperture-priority, the auto setting of the camera wasn't making me happy.  Messing with the exposure compensation didn't help.

I used to do all my work in the studio, so I'd have the camera set to 125th at F11 and the lighting would always be the same.  Then the birds took over the studio.  So now I'd like to shoot from the living room to the kitchen without having to change my ISO each time.  I looked into new Nikon cameras, but the light mirrorless one couldn't support 2 of my lenses, and the one that could, was rather heavy.

Any advice or comments you have would really help. 

Fujifilm X-T20 Nikon D7000 Nikon D70s
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