Those wonderful rich colours in photos?

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Re: Those wonderful rich colours in photos?

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Brisn5757 wrote:

I've seen some great photos on the internet such as rich strong colours in church interiors or garden scenery and was wondering if most of it is the result of post production, if not then is it one factor such as good lens or maybe a good sensor.

I've tried to bring out rich colours in some of my photos in post-production but often when enhancing the photo starts to look surreal; so I'm thinking if something is missing in the first place its difficult to create in post production.

Comments are welcome thanks.


One more example

Public gardens

This is not exactly what I saw but I think I might have had the light against me. I don't think there is any way of enhancing this photo.


Here is my take on this photo:

As noted before, look at it at original size.

Also, sense taste is so subjective, this may not even be close to what you have in mind. This is just how I see things

There's actually quite a lot that can be done to the photo. In Photoshop the first thing I did was crop to rotate it a bit to make it level; making the verticals in the building straight. Then I used a curves adjustment layer to find light and dark point. I then used a Hue-Saturation layer to deal with the overall green cast. I then used a selective color layer to add just a tiny bit of cyan to the sky. Next I used a color balance layer to add just a touch of red against the cyan, a bit of magenta against the green and a tiny bit of blue against the yellow. Looking at it now, I probably should have put a bit more blue against the yellow.

Then the next thing I did was open the shadows just a bit and play about with the highlights in order to bring out more detail in the clouds. After that I tweaked the contrast a bit with a curves layer; just a tiny bit.

I then used Nik Tonal Contrast on the sky because I'm a cloud junkie. But I tiny bit goes a long ways. The opacity for that layer is just 10%. After that I added a color fill layer in Overlay mode. The color I used is a sort of orange color: d39d0a. With an opacity of just 2%. Just enough to warm it ever so slightly.

Finally, I brought the global saturation down -7.

In total 11 layers were used.

Hi Krav.

I'm impressed by all the changes you made in Photoshop you must know Photoshop and what can be done very well. Adjusting curves is something I need more practice with as I tend to just use the levels adjustment in Photoshop.

I find this educational as I'm still learning about the many things you can use in Photoshop to improve on a photo.  The area I'm least certain about is adjusting colour so I need to learn more about this. Sometimes YouTube tutorial videos can be helpful as long as they give reasons for what is done in Photoshop.

Thanks for your effects and information in adjusting my photo


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