Are there different Adobe Clouds?

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Re: Are there different Adobe Clouds?

Photographic Memory wrote:

Pedagydusz wrote:

Photographic Memory wrote:

[...] at least they are clouds and not chemtrails. I mean airplane exhaust fumes that disperse yet not dissipate.


Actually, you are referring to contrails. Don't ask me why they are called that, English is not even my native language...

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Not conspiracy, just, like as Photographers we are of the real world, observant of what IS…

Contrails dissipate, evaporate, dissapear. Vapor trails, like is reminiscent of what we see when vapors vape on e-cigarettes.

The other "chemical trails", "plane exhaust fumigating "clouds" are seen on a once clear blue sky day then after a while these powerful trails of whatever disperse, create a milky white filter that finally obscures the sun in a hazy "fog".

No need for science, intelligence / intuition > intellect.

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Actual Reality > Virtual Reality
- I admire The Creator's creation, not so much (hu)man-made disposables.
That's probably why I am more interested in decent end-result Photography over the technology that was used to produce it.
DSLR > 'Mirrorless'
- Mirrorless? You mean Optical Viewfinder-less. An EVF is like having a VR headset on instead of using your own eyes to view what is.
For those with eyes…
Actual Reality > Virtual Reality

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Actual Reality > Virtual Reality

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