Those wonderful rich colours in photos?

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Re: Those wonderful rich colours in photos?

Two useful insights in one post:

Krav Maga wrote:

One thing is to be cautious with simply increasing saturation or going into "vivid" mode.

Yes, because many colors like skin tones can become unrealistic when oversaturated. It is important to know when you've gone too far, and back off.

Related to that, when you're in software that has Vibrance in addition to Saturation, it is useful to try Vibrance since it helps protect those skin tones among other things.

Krav Maga wrote:

after playing with the balance of complementary colors, which actually increases color contrast

This is a point I don't think anyone else has made in the thread, but it's extremely important.

Nearly all of the solutions in the thread so far are technology related. Buy this camera, buy that lens, get this software, change that setting.

But one of the most important color tools a photographer has is a knowledge of color theory. If you approached a painter and asked them how they got such vivid colors, an inexperienced painter would tell you it's because they bought these expensive paints. An experienced painter would tell you all about how they build color palettes for maximum effect, and how they place certain colors next to other colors in the picture composition.

If you study some color theory and understand concepts like analogous colors, complementary colors, color contrast, etc. like a painter does, you could produce the effect of vivid colors with almost any camera technology in your hand, even an old film camera or cheap smartphone. You would achieve it by how you choose which colors to include in the frame and next to each other. How vivid the same shade of green looks next to blue is different than next to gray, or next to red.

If the original poster mastered this, you could produce more vivid-looking pictures than another photographer even if you were both handed the same camera in the same place with the camera saturation set to normal.

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