Those wonderful rich colours in photos?

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Brisn5757 wrote:

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

The simplest thing to do is to increase the 'Saturation' control in your camera. Most every advanced camera has this. Also, boosting the 'Contrast' control can make your images pop.

Some cameras have a 'Vivid' picture style or picture control, which boosts both the saturation and the contrast.

Thanks, I must try and experiment more with this option. The problem might be that what scene that one style is good for then another scene might not suit the style. I wonder if photographers keep changing the cameras style to suit the subject?

[I've also thinking of under exposing my photos by 1/3 stop by using the exposure compensation adjustment. I find that when taking a series of photos, normal , under exposed and over exposed by bracketing the shot, most of the under exposed shots look correct.]

I've copied the second paragraph (into square brackets) from another of your posts. The two things go together.

The way your camera sets exposure is based on a generic type of picture; that may be a bit too bright for some types of picture, a bit too dark for others. If your pictures are generally of similar style and subjects it could well be that it is one where the camera's exposure is a bit too bright so -1/3EC compensates.

If, however, you shoot a range of subjects and styles some of them may be of the types that need a bit of +EC. I suspect that some photographers do alter their camera settings differently for different types of subject (and in more ways than just +/-EC). Some cameras have User Presets that can make this easy.

If I shot JPG I'd probably be one of those photographers. As it is, I shoot raw - other than +/-EC I concentrate on framing and composition when I'm out and deal with styles later, at leisure on the computer. I'm not missionarising here - just explaining some options.

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