Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

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Re: Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

dkeller wrote:

You are totally wrong on that. The light INTENSITY on individual pixels determines the exposure, not the total amount of light on the entire frame.

All other things being equal, the same f stop, exposure time, and ISO with give the same brightness to an image. If you take an APS-C size crop of the image you took with the full frame camera it will have the same exposure as the picture taken with the APS-C camera and would look just the same in this respect.

I think we both understand the undelying effect, but we should be careful how we use the terminology.

By strict definition the exposure is the amount of total light per unit area. So yes, because the exposure settings are different in the example, the exposure is different at the SENSOR level. However if we talk about the same images looked at the computer monitor, we most likely look at them at the same output size. So for the viewer there are two equal size IMAGES with the same amount of total light. And that is meningful to understand.

PS. I think it would be better to use term ”exposure settings” insted of ”exposure”. My give away is that people should learn to understand how the same exposure settings can lead to diffrerent image brightness depending on the ISO and/or postproduction adjustments. Most importantly the same exposure settings can result a different amount of collected photons depending on the sensor size. Amount of photons can't be changed in photoshop and that's why people should always be aware of that.

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