Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

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Re: Sony A7 vs A6300 for low light photography (ISO3200)

ISO 1600

Same exposure on ANY frame size.  Sensor ISO is standardized for that.  Otherwise photography would be a mess, and there would be a huge relearning curve for every single camera you buy.  And it would also mean that phones would only be capable of taking photos on sunny days, as their sensors are microscopic compared to FF.

What DOES change is the view of the image.  Crop sensors are just that.  They crop the outer edges off of the standard 35mm frame.  So you can use a huge medium format lens on:

Medium Format (60x45)
Full Frame (35x24; lens focal length measurement standard )
APS-C (24x18, minus Canon)
Micro 4/3 (21x17)
1" (16x13)
Pentax Q (7x5),

...all at the same settings above, and all images will be exposed reasonably the same.  But the edges are cropped the smaller the sensor gets, since the projection of the lens stays the same.  So in the end, what really changes is the output equivalent focal length and depth of field.

Same reason why the RX100's 10.4-37.1mm F/1.8-4.9 lens operates as a 28-100mm F/1.8-4.9 lens.  The sensor size crops the 10.4mm ultra wide angle end down to the equivalent of 28mm, which is a standard wide angle lens on 35mm full frame.  However, the aperture rating stays at 1.8, since the aperture determines the amount of light in play, not the sensor size.  Meanwhile, despite the aperture allowing F/1.8 equivalent of light to pass through, the 2.7x crop of the sensor makes the final image's depth of field look like it was using an F/5 lens. 
I can take sample shots with my Sony A6300 (APS-C) and Nikon 1 J5 (1") at the same settings with the same lenses to prove this if necessary.

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